Team development & supervision

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world of work, teams need to set themselves up in such a way that they can always adapt flexibly to new circumstances and not lose their productivity in the process. They have to keep breaking new ground and need a pronounced learning and development culture. 

Team development and supervision create clarity and transparency about the common tasks and goals. They provide orientation about the playing field and define the roles and tasks of all participants. Trust, respect and appreciation create security and contribute to bonding within a team.

Possible topics

  • Development of team processes and forms of cooperation 
  • Intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation 
  • Shared mission, goal orientation and goal commitment 
  • Role clarification, functions, tasks and responsibilities 
  • Team / group dynamics 
  • Team communication 
  • Psychological safety 
  • Supervision and retrospectives 
  • Commitment and reliability 
  • Listening and feedback culture 
  • Mutual trust and appreciation 
  • Working in virtual / physical space 
  • Error and learning culture 
  • Dealing with challenges and conflicts