Organisational development

As an organisational developer, I initiate, design and accompany change processes that enable the organisation to develop from within and become more effective. The focus is on organisational structure, communication and decision-making processes and culture.

In my work with organisations, I turn those affected into participants, as I am convinced that all the necessary knowledge is already in the organisation. 

Among other things, I work with Walter Häfele's organisational model, which serves as a map. It connects all the elements of an organisation into one big whole and thus makes it possible to classify upcoming tasks, problems or issues in the overall context of the organisation. 

Possible topics

  • Establishing and strengthening leadership, corporate and communication culture 
  • Development of purpose, vision, values, mission statements and strategies 
  • Development of organisational and operational structures 
  • Development of leadership concepts 
  • Dealing with change / change management 
  • Failure and learning culture 
  • Culture development and change 
  • Identification and retention of employees 
  • New forms of cooperation / new work / self-organisation 
  • Intercultural competences and cooperation 
  • Integration of diversity and talent