Coaching is a one-on-one consultation to accompany people in initiating and implementing change and development processes so that they can realise their wishes and achieve their goals.  

The concerns brought in by the coachees can be of a professional or private nature. They can be very specific questions or complex issues.

I am convinced that every person already has the potential for a helpful solution within him or her. By directing attention to this potential, the client experiences his or her individual competencies and can experience his or her actions as effective and formative.


Possible topics

  • Professional positioning / reorientation 
  • Challenging leadership situations 
  • Actively shaping, developing and reflecting on leadership roles 
  • Discovering and reflecting on one's own values, beliefs, needs, wishes and interests 
  • Reflection on resources, fears, energies, burdens, excessive demands and questions of meaning 
  • Reflecting on knowledge, experience, skills, talents, strengths and key competences 
  • Coping with change, dealing with obstacles and resistance 
  • Self-leadership and mindfulness 
  • Conflict situations 
  • Biography and vision work 
  • Future perspectives 
  • Tension between work / career and family