Innovation training

The ability to innovate is the key to long-term corporate success. In addition, innovative thinking and action enables a quick reaction to the constantly changing framework conditions.

Innovation needs creativity - and it can be learned. Creative solutions emerge when we leave our thinking highways and enable lateral thinking.

Innovation training teaches the basics of innovation and creativity, initiates joint creative processes and anchors the experience gained so that innovation succeeds. Various methods and techniques are learned and applied. 

With my many years of experience as a lecturer and manager in the field of creation and conception, I am also available to innovation teams as an innovation coach.

Contents & topics

  • Basics and framework conditions of creativity and innovation 
  • Experiencing creativity in a team 
  • Encouraging innovative thinking 
  • Developing, testing and implementing new ideas 
  • Developing and implementing co-creation workshops 
  • Get to know, apply and implement methods and creativity techniques 
  • Designing innovation processes 
  • Create innovation structure and culture 
  • Collaboration vs co-creation